America offers a variety of culturally and historically rich destinations for your vacation. Learn more about the perfect destination for your South America travel with this article written by a travel expert.

Travelers looking for history, culture, and an array of outdoor adventures can find it all in South America. The perfect destination for your vacation, there are a variety of countries, cities, and sights which are sure to impress. For those looking to explore history during their South America travel check out these top destinations spread across the continent.


Easter Island provides a unique destination for your South America travel and its intriguing history is sure to entrance travelers. However this is not the only reason people fly thousands of miles to this small island off the coast of Chile. Most travelers visit Easter Island to see the over 900 statues that are crafted from volcanic rock. These statues, known as Moai, dot the hillsides across the small island and their purpose is still of question today. Travelers can take a tour of the island or explore it independently, either way travelers are sure to be inspired by its mysterious beauty.


The last great testament to Inca architecture, Machu Picchu is the gem of Peru, visited by thousands of tourists each year. Tucked deep into the Andes, Machu Picchu escaped destruction from the Spanish conquest, which ultimately led to the demise of the Inca Empire. With over 75 acres of terraces, stone temples and buildings the masterful architecture of the Inca’s surrounds visitors as they explore the citadel. Travelers should attempt to explore Cusco and the Sacred Valley before making their way to Machu Picchu to gain a better understanding of the history and culture behind the site. A top destination for history lovers, Machu Picchu is the perfect addition to your South America travel itinerary.


Though Brazil is known for its fabulous beaches and plentiful sunshine there are still a plethora of cities and sights for history buffs. For those looking to explore history and culture during their Brazil vacation the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ouro Preto is the ideal destination. This 18th century mining town was a hub for gold trade during the golden age. Walk the streets and explore the colonial architecture which was crafted so beautifully during the city’s rapid growth. As one of the best preserved colonial towns in the country, a trip to Ouro Preto will take travelers back in time, making it the perfect destination for anyone interested in history.

Enjoy the history of South America by visiting Machu Picchu in Peru, Ouro Preto in Brazil, and off the shores of Chile at Easter Island. These destinations are just a few of the truly amazing places to visit during your South America travel [Psychology Articles] , start planning your trip to one of these destinations today!